Marmaris gastronomy

Apart from the well known items of Turkish cuisine and Marmaris gastronomy, the local speciality dish sura doldurması is very famous. Sura is mainly prepared on important occasions such as Kurban Bayramı (Festival of Sacrifice) or Hıdrelez (Spring Festival), and it is an oven roasted half rib cage of lamb stuffed with a rice pilaf prepared with raisins and kernels of pine nut. The other local dishes are pirinçli tavuk (fish sautéed with rice and vegetables), keşkek (paste of boiled wheat mixed with well cooked and boned lamb or chicken), çıntar kavurması (sauté mushrooms), köreme böreği (pastry filled with wild leaks), kıstırma (baked aubergines with a lamb and rice filling) and çıntar köftesi (meatballs with mushroom). The local herbs such as turp otu (wild radish leaves), ebegümeci (mallow), semizotu (purslane) and local deserts such as katmer (crisp flaky pastry), bestel (watermelon jam), and ballı kabak (roasted pumpkin chunks in a honey syrup) are much loved.

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