Lebessos (Kayaköy)

Kayaköy (anciently known as Lebessos) is a small quaint village 8 km South of Fethiye where Anatolian Greek speaking Christians lived until around 1923. The village is also known as the ghost town, now preserved as a museum village and contains many rundown but mainly intact Greek-stle houses and Churches which cover a small mountainside and serve as an attraction for tourists who visit Fethiye and nearby Ölüdeniz.

It was built on the site of the ancient city of Camylessus or Karmylessos in the 18th century. It expelenced a renewal after nearby Fethiye (known as Makri) was devastated by an earthquake in 1856 and a major fire in 1885. After the Greco-Turkish War, kayaköy was lagely abandoned after a population exchange agreement was signed by the Turkish and Greek governments in 1922. Most of the buldings were damaged in the 1957 earthquake.

The population of the Village in 1900 was about 3000 people, almost all Greek Christians; Kayaköy has now a small population of locals, also tour groups and local vendors selling handcrafted souvenirs.

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