History of Marmaris

Marmaris History; In antiquity Marmaris was known as Physkos an it was one of the important port cities of the Carians. During the Hellenistic Period it came under the domintaion of the Seleucid Kingdom, and later became part of the Roman and Byzantine civilisations. After the 13th century it came under the rule of Menteşeoğulları Principality, and in 1522 the city was conquered by Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent, and became part of the Ottaman domain. Between 1919 and 1921 the region was occupied by the Italians.

From the early years of the Republic until 19080 it remained a little fishing and sponge diving town. Some of the sites of ancient cities in the environs of Marmaris are follows; Amos (Hisarönü – Turunç), Bybassos (Hisarönü) , Kastabos (Hisarönü), Syma (Bayır Village), Larymna (Bozburun), Thyssanos (Söğüt), Phoinix (Taşlıca), Loryma (Bozukkale), Kasara (Serçe Harbour), Cedrai (Sedir Island), Euthena and Amnistos (Karacasöğüt).

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