A Perfect Holiday at Fethiye. Cheap holidays to Fethiye is wait you.

Fethiye is a city located in Muğla Province district in Turkey‘s Aegean area. If you intend to have a perfect holiday in Turkey, then Fethiye is an appropriate tourist resort and is known for its excellent and moderate climate. The British tourists are very much to Fisheye’s wonderful Mediterranean climate. Fethiye Bays, Fethiye Beaches and Fethiye Islands

Ölüdeniz (Dead sea) :

Ölüdeniz literally known as Dead Sea, as its water remains tranquil water even when a storm strikes. Officially Ölüdeniz called as Blue lagoon. Basically Ölüdeniz is tiny village and beach. Because of its peculiar panoramic views, and the exceptional height of Mount Babadağ’ Ölüdeniz is regarded as one of the most excellent tourist place in the globe for paragliding. In 2007, the Guardian and the Times newspaper selected the Ölüdeniz as the most excellent tourist spot in the world. A number of hotels, restaurants, bars are located in around the vicinity of Oludeniz.

Fethiye Museum :

Fethiye Museum is a renowned for its historical significance. You will find rich and diverse displays, exhibits, artifacts that describe the consecutive civilization which prevailed in this region commencing with the ancient Lycians.

Tomb of Amyntas :

Fethiye also houses the ancient Tomb of Amyntas. This extraordinary tomb was constructed way back in 350 BC and derives its name from the Greek inscription which denotes Amyntas son of Hermagios. The Lycians, who existed in Fethiye region during that period, constructed this tomb. Taking an exotic trip to Fethiye does not cost much on your travels expenditure.

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