Fethiye Scuba Diving

Fethiye as a tourism paradise with such a unique formation like Ölüdeniz where blue waters of the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea meet, attracts the most attention again when it comes to diving.

Afkule : Itis the most favorite diving place in Fethiye. It requires high diving experience. The mouth of the Alladdins Cave is the starting point of diving. Dving alongside a Wall with unique view and 50 metres depth feels flooting in the air. You can reach Türk hamamı which is another diving place by following the Wall.

Türk hamamı : You can enter this place which is situated 6 metres from Afkule diving point, go through the rocks, and reach open top pool. This place have this name beacause of the way it looks.

Üç tüneller : It is a suitable place for expert divers. It offers colourful diving corals, groupers and stingrays along the Wall at 19 metres depth. It is named after these triangular spaced tunnels. Two of the tunnels are approximately 30 metres in length.

Dalyan Bay : It is a suitable place for training and beginner divers at Dalyan bay, and also night dives.

Kızıl Ada Feneri : The most important figüre of this diving point which is appealing to divers of all levels is its amphitheater look with sub-marine structure descending down to 20 metres.

Sarı Yarlar : There is a sandy area at 10 metres at this diving point depth structure of which descends from 6 metres to 30 metres.

In addition to these, Piramit, Baracuda reef, amphora, şahin burnu, akvaryum bay, kızıl ada canyon are other great diving points.

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