Environs of Marmaris

Armutalan and İçmeler are both close to Marmaris and offer varied restaurants, accommodation, and entertainment facilities as well as very convenient transport services. Köyiçi offers facilities for those who like rustic charms and natural life. You can travel to İçmeler on a dolmuş (shared minius) with a ten minutes ride, and its beach shore is quite suitable for water sports, pleasure diving, water skiing and you will also find restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues there. After  İmeler comes Turunç Cove, which is one of the most beautiful small bays of the Aegean Sea, and its beach has been awarded the Blue Flag. Turunç offers accommodation ranging facilities from humble pension to four star resorts and it is an almost a compulsory stopover destination for Blue Voyage boats. Kumlubük is the next cove, and it is within walking distance of one of the largest cities of antiquity, Amos. The day trip boats cruising to Turunç and Kumlubük normally stop at the Fosforlu Sea Cave so that you enjoy swimming in its cyrstal clear waters. The “Safari” tours, which became fashionable in recent years, take you to Bayır Village which is believed to have been built upon the ruins of Syrna, city of antiquity, and you may see the temple dedicated to Asclepius, the God of Medicine and Healing.

Taking the road from Marmaris to Datça you enjoy a wide vista covering boath Gökova Bay and Hisarönü Bay. If you turn towards Bozburun, you first arrive at Hisarönü. Here the sea is quite shallow and beaches are terracotta coloured. It is the preferred destination for those suffering from heart problems or asthma because the humidity is quite low.

The next settlement is Orhaniye, 30 kilometres from Marmaris. I is one of the important centres on the southern shore of Hisarönü Bay, and ıt is a calm natural harbour for yachts to stay overnight. There is a picturesque sand you spit jotting into the bay – a natural wonder called Kızkumu (Maiden’s sand) and is about 5 metres wide and 500 metres long. The small island in the middle of the bay contains the ruins of a fortress on its highest spot, which is believed to belong to antique city of Baybassos. Near the marina, at the entrance of the bay, lie the ruins of a monastery. The next village is Turgut, well known for its important carpet stores. You can also revitalize yourself under the cascade of waters that fall from a height of 10 metres, or you may enjoy a swim in the cool waters of the pool created by the waterfall.

10 kilometres from Orhaniye you reach a pristine fishing village called Selimiye. You can enjoy seafood at rustic restaurants mainly serving the yachts moored to the piers along the shore.

Bozburun is to the south of Selimiye, and it is renowned for its boatyards building gulets.

With its fish restaurants and small pensions set amongst scenic landscapes, this relatively unknown bay is fresquented by the yachting community. There are many small coves around Bozburun that may only be reached by boat. You must visit Söğüt (Saranda), 5 kilometres south of Bozburun, with a large vista of the rarea leading to the Island of Symi, to watch the sunset. To the west of Söğüt, lie the ruins of Thyssanos, a settlement of antiquity, and the shores of Saranda Bay, on the road towards Taşlıca, offer magnificent vistas. Taşlıca is an unspoilt village and you may see the ruins of Carian city Phoinix on the road to Serçe Harbour. Bozukkale, which is on the southern shores of Bozburun Peninsula, has no road connection so it has a pristine natural beauty. You have to leave your vehicle at Taşlıca and walk to Bozukkale in order to visit the ruins of Loryma settlement of antiquity. The coves of Hisarönü, Orhaniye, Selimiye, Bozburun, Saranda, Bozukbükü and Serçe Harbour are the primary overnight stay destinations for the Blue voyage boats travelling on the Bodrum-Marmaris route crossing Hisarönü Bay. There are daily boat trips from Marmaris to the famous Greek Island of Rhodes.

11 kilometres outside Marmaris, travelling towards Muğla, you come to the junction for Karacasöğüt. Following that road takes you to Karaca and Söğüt harbours on the coast of Gökova Bay. The Karacain Cave which is said to go about 30 kilometres underground, and Euthenna and Amnistos settlements of antiquity are the prime locations that worth a visit. On the shores of Gökova Bay, the coves of Karacasöğüt, İngiliz Limanı (English Harbour), Longoz (Kargılı), Yedi Adalar (Seven Islands) and Bördübet are normal stops on the Blue Voyage. As Bördübet was declared as Protected Environmental Site, and all types of construction are banned, it remained a spot of pristine natural beauty. At the coves you will always find rustic restaurants offering the fish of the day as well as starters prepared with local herbs and greens.

Marmaris is very beautiful, and there are many beauty spots, coves, beaches and Islands to explore along its coast. The Gökova Bay is one of the mostbeautiful places in Turkey, and the pleasures of its coast include the antique settlement of Cedrai, Sedir Adası (Cedar Island) with its world famous Cleopatra Beach, Boncuk Cove. Marmaris is also a centre for pleasure diving and with 52 diving spots it is one of the pime locations of Turkey.

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