Çalış, which is defined as being the most beautiful place on earth for watching the amazing sunset, is one of the favourite places of the Fethiye districts tourism, with a 4 km long beach, cool breezes on a summers night. “Caretta Carettas”, a sean suitable for many different water sports and activities. Calis offes you many high quality accomodation from hotels to small pensions, 3 km walking trail taking you to top class restaurants, cafe bars and souvenir shops.

Çalış sunset the most breath taking event of the early evening can be viewed while dinnig at the beach front, truly amazing and memorable. Daytime boat trips and also moonlight cruises can be arranged by the local trip and excursion companies at Calis, starting point from the canal that has been recently reconstructed behind Çalış taking you down the canal into the open sea.

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