Boynuzbükü Bay

Boynuzbükü bay is 17 km away from to the Dalaman city centre. It is possible to access this bay through the stabilised road, which diverts at the Tersakan Turnout on Dalaman – Fethiye Highway. Plain shore of Boynuzbükü Bay is 300 m.

There is pier in which yachts and boats can take shelter. On the plain land of this bay, there is a forest. 60 decare of it is teeming with sweetgum and dyewood trees, which are very rare in the world. The mountain slope is covered with green pine trees. This combination creates a charming beauty in this bay. There is both land and marine access to Boynuzbükü bay. There are daily shuttles and boat trips. Picnic is allowed. Yat mola Club in Boynuzbükü Bay is open 24 hours for the visitors.

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