Big Lake (Lake Kocagöl)

Lake Kocagöl is the biggest lake in Dalaman Mugla. Given ist geographical location and water quality, it is divided into two. While a part of this land is located in the village, a larger part is out of the village. The part in the village is shallow. For this reason there are rich puddles in and around. The water here is blurry and there is current, which makes it fresh all the time.

This part is rich in prey animals. There is a canal connection down to the sea. On the other hand, the other part out of the village looks like a blue sea. This part is rather deep. Hunting is not allowed here. Steep rocks surround the lake.

There is an old story about this lake. Reportedly, this part of the lake is connected to the sea by an underground canal passing through the montain foot. Given the colour of the lake and salty nature of its water, local people give credit to this story.

Facebookta Paylaş