Bedri Rahmi (Taşyaka) Bay

Bedri Rahmi bay is also known as Tasyaka and Lcyia Bay. This bay is located Fethiye Gulf and across the Shipyard Island.

It’s one of the most popular stops for blue cruises and boats due to its natural beauties and historical sites.

Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoğlu, a great Turkish artist and poet, painted fish on a big stone in summer 1974 while he was saiiling along the Aegean coastline with his close friends. Today, this painting on the rock welcomes the visitorsjust next to a water spring at the entrance of this beautiful bay Locally, this bay is also called as (Balıklı taş) (Literally, Rock with Fish Engraving) because of this piece of art. In addition, the name of this great artist and poet is another alternative to call this bay.

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